What is a transducer? It is a kind of device, which can convert one form of energy into another. For example, it can be convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, heat energy into electrical energy, light energy into electrical energy and so on.

There are many applications of such transducers in our day to day life. As an example, you can consider a microphone which converts sound into electrical energy. Also, in guitar, the string vibration is converted into electrical energy.

Piezoelectric materials are also a very important transducer and by using Piezo Direct transducers you can convert any mechanical energy into electrical and also electrical into mechanical energy. In the past, transducer was used in First World War to detect enemy’s ships.

Crystals of quartz were generally used as a material for piezoelectric transducer and even today it is used in number of industrial applications.

Piezoelectric transducer is used for ultrasonic frequency generation and many precise cleaning operations are performed by using ultrasonic cleaner. This is such frequency that human ear may not be able to detect.

In addition, piezoelectric transducers have many other uses in the industrial fields. It is used in the sectors like construction, automobile, electronics, home security systems, pest deterrents, computers, remote controls of toys & games and so on.

Transducers has got very good utility and in many household appliances, you can find its use. Many more new items are being developed that can operate with transducers.