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About the books

The Stories of Rhys are an exciting mystery adventure series about courage and justice. It is tragic, mysterious, frightening in places, very emotional, happy and sad, cruel and dangerous, and it teaches children that life isn't fair or just at times. It's a story about growing up and facing the challenges of life with truth and honesty, and if you can really believe in yourself, then you can achieve anything. The series is seven books long and is sequential and cumulative, it’s one continuous story for age group 8-11 years but it is popular with adults too.

Born in the very heart of Snowdonia on a terrible stormy night, a special baby dragon is taken away to safety leaving behind the body of his father who had died to save him. Fleeing from their blazing home which lit the night sky, his mother carried him far away to a cave on a rocky headland at the edge of the sea. There she must hide him until he is an adult dragon who can fly and protect himself with fire. For in Snowdonia, in the damp darkness of the slate mines, a black dragon rules with a terrifying and merciless cruelty. The firetooth of each of his victims hangs around his neck as a warning to anyone who dares to challenge him. His face is horribly burnt and the very existence of the baby dragon threatens him. He has sworn to kill him so that he can never use his special dragon breath, but the baby dragon grows up to learn of the injustice and hatred that his life is founded on, and that only he can save Snowdonia and free the dragon slaves.

The special dragon is Rhys, and this is his story, The Stories of Rhys.

Book 1 – The Great Orme
Book 2 – Ieuan and the slate mines of Snowdonia 
Book 3 – Rhys makes fire!                                                        
Book 4 – The battle for Snowdonia
Book 5 – The crown, the kingdom, the truth          
Book 6 – Rhys and the legend of the Ice Dragon
Book 7 – The end and the beginning

Locations:- The story is set in North Wales and is based on real locations and real places that can be visited. Rhys’ cave, the rocking stone, the copper mine, the old lighthouse etc. and I have taken two parties of school children to see them all. The Great Orme is a limestone headland at Llandudno and across the sea is the mountainous region of Snowdonia and the slate mines of Llanberis which are the key to the story. To the North is the island of Anglesey. There is a plot, a sub plot, and an incredible revelation at the very end.


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